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“We are there when you need us”

Companies who need help or advice with Human Resources, Benefits or Payroll matters have relied on this statement for over 17 years.

Many companies with less than 100 employees do not have the capacity for full-time human resources, benefits or payroll staff. This places the burden of responsibility on the owner or other leaders, and the simple truth is they often don’t have the time or the knowledge to do this effectively and legally.

In the staffing process many business owners are not aware of the legal requirements and best practices to keep their business safe. In addition to this, hiring the wrong person can cost a business a lot time and money.

Businesses don’t always have time to do HR, Benefits and Payroll and that’s where LP Human Resources Inc. and our family of companies comes in.

My team and I provide a full cycle service for staffing. I sit down with employers and take them through writing the job post, vetting candidates, interview techniques, all the way to making the offer.

Applicants know their human rights these days and if you haven’t been trained in human resources, you can’t know what may land you in trouble.

Our benefits specialists successfully connect companies to the right plan, at the right time, every time.

Our payroll specialists’ offers fast, easy and convenient service eliminating government penalties, design reporting for your business.

My business started off as triage HR as I helped companies fill the gaps. What separated my business from others was that I was on call to help companies.

Companies call us when they need us. They know we can get the job done and that it will be done right.

While companies can always call us in an emergency, we also work with them to put the policies, procedures and training in place to eliminate “emergencies” and help them grow.

To learn more about how we help growing companies with their human resources needs visit our company page. LP Human Resources Inc. is a family of companies and “we are there when you need us.”

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