Feast or famine with numbers of applicant resumes!!

Firms during this time of change and unpredictability tell us the numbers of applicants responding to their opening can be as few as 20 and as many as 100. Many of the respondents make you shake your head wondering why they even thought they were a good fit. Some are so overqualified you know your opening is not right and others donÂ’t even come close to required training and experience.

First take the time to really make sure you know the nuts and bolts of the position, what it really entails. Be honest with the job requirements.

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Careful resume embellishments are on the rise!

In a recent survey, August 2014, conducted by Harris Poll on-line among 2188 hiring managers and human resource professionals, employers found candidate dishonesty in resumes, post-recession, are on the rise. Roughly 58% of the employers have found candidates who are less than honest. These embellishments occurred in jobs of all types and variety of industries and ranged from dishonesty with actual job experience, times of employment, job titles, completed education, reason for leaving and areas of involvement with even sports and volunteer activities.

While some of the embellishments might be quite funny, such as the candidate who stated they were a construction supervisor but in reality the bulk of experience was from building a doghouse some years prior, it can be risky and costly for the hiring employer.

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