Building the sense of community environment

When we talk with existing staff or staying staff one thing that is often mentioned is wanting to be a part of a team environment. The employer wants this as well as it is easier to manage a harmonious environment, one where all contribute especially during times of greater need. Rather than thinking of it as team building think of community building.

?Community building is a group process that can lead to more authentic communication. It is a process where community members come together and then they can take collective action and generate solutions. It is a longer term endeavor, well planned, inclusive and equitable.
– Some firms have monthly pot luck lunches where each person brings something. This lunch includes the full participation of all management. It is surprising how people chat in a more relaxed surrounding. The firmÂ’s cost is very small, usually just an extra hour or two of time, but the reward can be large.
– Other firms have a food bank container and each employee contributes one article every two weeks. The staff most likely doesnÂ’t have much volunteer time and this still allows them to feel they are contributing to those in greater need.
– Other firms have incorporated a twenty minute or so group walk during lunch time as a stress reducer and get to know each other time. It seems we are all always in need of shedding calories from those extra pieces of pie or pastry. Here again all management should be participating fully.
While keeping full confidentiality we can plan, organize, document and record what staff thinks. To find out what your staff thinks about your work environment, how they feel about going to work each day, contact LP Human Resources. Contact us for a no obligation meeting regarding any further questions or concerns you might have at 403-238-0884 or