Dual income households are on the rise!

Dual income households on the rise!
Stats CanadaÂ’s newest survey regarding Canadian households showed a real increase in the number of dual income households. Two working parents have led to an increase in work/life stress management and a call for greater workplace flexibility. Parents are feeling guilty and a diminished sense of work satisfaction as they are torn between two needs; family and work. This means the employer has to know more about the staff needs.

Our survey information gathered from workplace stay interviews and exit interviews shows employees might leave or stay based on their sense of balance. If you are a smaller independent business balancing this need with the company need for productivity can be especially challenging.
When employees have a strong sense that the company really means “our staff is our most important asset” they can have an increased sense of loyalty and reduced costs associated with turnover is always a good thing. The staff just needs to see that you are trying to assist, that you are trying your best. You do not have to supply each need perfectly.
A change in operating procedures may be totally different than the usual but:
Can the required tasks be done from home during non- usual work times? For example can the billing invoices for the month be prepared at 7am or 6pm rather than normal operating hours? Can staff flex their work hours, even for short periods of time, to meet a family requirement?
Some companies found ways to make this happen and staff did not feel guilty about staying at home with a sick child or attending their childÂ’s award day or concert. The productivity did not suffer, in fact as times increased and tasks were still completely as required.
Find out how your staff feels about working for you. We will conduct your exit or stay interviews. Contact LP Human Resources for a no obligation meeting regarding any further questions or concerns you might have at 403-238-0884 or www.lphumanresources.com.