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Specializing in providing clients with a full line of customized human resource services.

“We are there when you need us!”

LP Human Resources provides as-needed human resources services for companies that don’t have the capacity for HR staff or need the extra help during peak times.

For some companies the capacity to have full-time human resources staff is often not available. The job of HR often falls to other staff that do not have adequate training, while the company operates without policies and procedures.

This can impact:
-Your quality of hire and successful integration of new employees
-Your legal vulnerability to claims against your company
-The ability of your employees to focus on their real jobs

If your business does not have the capacity for full-time human resource staff or need the extra help during peak times, it probably also doesn’t have the capacity for long-term contracts to outsource the role.

This is where LP Human Resources stands out from the crowd. We provide an on-call service that charges an hourly rate, only when you need us.

There are no long-term contracts or retainers with us. Our clients know they can call us when they need us and they know we will get the job done quickly and it will be done right.

Our Services include:

Recruiting: We write the job post, screen applicants, teach interview techniques, conduct reference checks and structure the offer.

Policies and Procedures: We will protect your company and allow it to build a great workforce.

Performance Reviews: We guide you through the performance evaluations and how to avoid common appraisal mistakes and pitfalls.

Stay and Exit Interviews: We can find out why your employees stay, why they leave and how the organization can improve.

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