How do I find the right person for the job?

How do I find the right person for the job?

Finding the right people for the job can be challenging, frustrating and time consuming. If you created a new position or you are replacing a current employee the challenge is much the same. “How do I find the right person for the job?” Establishing clear concise requirements is the first step in completion of the job profile. We have a few thoughts of practical actions you can take to assist.

Some steps or actions firms have found helpful, practical and useful are:

Speak with other current employees and the person leaving, gathering their feedback. Do they have thoughts and ideas which differ from yours? Even if the current employee has less than a year of service they may have noticed tasks that have changed, or could be changed. Check it out.

Some firms have success by annually collecting, documenting and retaining descriptions of tasks being completed by the current staff member. This collection does not need to be formal; it can be just a bullet point list as the most important aspect is the data not the format.

An example that comes to mind was a firm which had always felt the position required some years of experience. They had current seasoned and experienced staff as well. Their hiring success happened when they changed the experience requirement, took it down to new grad with the right attitude, and used their current staff as mentors. The possible pool of applicants increased and changed.

Give LP Human Resources a call. We work with a variety of industries and firms and have that collective experience to draw on. We work with you to create successful job profiling, the criteria to find the right person, and contribute feedback. Use your valuable time and energy to create new business. It always feels like a relief to hand a task over to someone else. Call us for a no-obligation discussion of your needs at 403-238-0884 or contact us at