No employee handbook, no policies? Is trial and error really working for you?

If you are interested in growing your business while enhancing your employee’s ability to deliver high caliber services without dramatically increasing the burden of employee management responsibilities, we recommend you take time to deliver and invest in a complete employee handbook.

The employee handbook functions as an anchor for employee management. It is a valuable resource, establishing workplace parameters and legally protecting your company. Everyone is on the same page.

Your policies are part of the strategic link between your vision and operations. They allow employees to understand roles and responsibilities within predefined limits. What might be most important of all, they help keep you out of court! A complete handbook makes it more effective to deal with difficult situations as well an unacceptable employee behavior on a day to day basis. It offers consistency.

The handbook and policies predetermine a course of action, a direct link between your vision and day-to-day operations, identifies the key activities and strategies used by the decision-makers on how to handle issues as they arise. They combine with procedures to eliminate common misunderstandings. The handbook must have policies compliant with legislation, be clear, and most important of all be followed and adhered to by all employees, supervisors and management.

They send a “we care” message, the company wants you to be successful and happy in your job and as well offer the company legal protection and behavior alternatives.Tips:
1. Essential components of handbook are those that are legally required in the province of work
2. Include human rights practices as well as Labor Standards
3. Keep it up to date

LP Human Resources can help your company complete your handbook and write these policies.

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